Friday, September 6, 2013

Sober for Today

Thank you all for your comments.   They really helped me today.  I went to staff party late and left early.  People asked why I wasn't drinking.  I just said that I wanted to do a long 12 KM run tomorrow because I was training for a half marathon.   I ate a little bit of everything and then some.

It was tough when everyone was testing the Mojitos....went right by one hand....out the other.....

I was quiet probably and left first....I'm sure they all enjoyed gossiping about me when I left.

I'm so tired now.   I set up a movie in bed so that I could just lay there, feel sorry for myself and pass out....soberly.

I am pleased with my decision not to drink tonight, only because I WILL get up and run in the morning and not feel like shit....

I really do want to make it to Day 30!  I'm not really sure where I will go from there but it will do my body good to have a booze break.....although it's getting lots of treats lately.

However.... I miss the little buzz I could have know that feeling you get when you're mind can stop thinking for a while.


  1. Good job staying sober in such a difficult situation! Enjoy your run tomorrow:-)

  2. Good for you for getting through the party. Tough to do, but so worth it. You sound like you're doing a lot better these days. Enjoy the run tomorrow without the hangover!

  3. Great job! I hope your run was amazing 😄

  4. So freaking proud of you!!! (And I don't mean that in a condescending way...more of an I know how hard you're working and what you're feeling kind of way) . Just hang in there until 30 days and reassess then.

    Great job!