Saturday, September 7, 2013

Been Thinking....a lot

Last night's staff party brought a lot of laughter and gossip.   I'm extremely glad I went and stayed sober!  I watched as others drank...  Most of em just brought one or two drinks with them.  Many drank water.   Only one brought a 4 L box of wine and got tipsy.  Can you guess who?  My drinking buddy (past one).  I almost felt sorry for her cause she was sad that no one was drinking with her or like her.  Usually, it was me!  We were drinking buddies after all!

I left early and I guess everyone left right after because she texted me this an hour later:

<I'm feeling good.  Can you come drink with me?> 

I replied : <Awe.  I'm sorry ...I'm already in my PJs >

I thought about her for a while and thought about something a blogging buddy wrote on here or told me.  

When a friend tries to get you to drink with her, it's because she is trying to satisfy her needs to drink.  She doesn't care that you're trying to get sober.  She just cares about having someone there to make her feel better about drinking, especially if she's drinking alone.

Don't get me wrong....I love my buddy.  I just didn't feel as guilty as I normally would have felt, saying no to her request for a drinking buddy.

I ran my 12 KM today.  It was fantastic!  Haven't done that in a long time!  

I also thought about getting drunk today, picking up booze and just getting drunk without anybody knowing.  Just me and God.....
but that thought passed.  
It's always in back of my head though....  I'm focussed on making it to day 30 so I'm going to need lots of help to get passed that day!!

God Bless!
Day 23


  1. Congrats! Awesome that you stayed sober! And don't listen to that damn voice! I like what your friend said, very true indeed. You can do this. Hugs.

  2. I felt for your "buddy". God! I remember all too well being the one who got sad when everyone was ready to leave and I was just starting. It is so nice not to be that anymore. I get those thoughts too. They are ever lurking. Good for you for saying no.

  3. Good for you indeed - so good. I love that image of you cosy in your PJs and worrying about letting your friend down but not actually wrestling hard within yourself about wanting to actually go drink with her. Cosy nights in PJs rock!